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Rapid Situation Assessment (RSA) of gang violence and human rights violations in Maldives

Gang violence is a new phenomenon for the Maldives. The proliferation of gangs and its overt emergence in Maldives is increasingly highlighted by media and police reports. Gang culture and gang violence has have already caused deaths on the streets of Male', something which was previously unimaginable in the country. Read more...

Development of a Scientific Platform for Efficient and Effective Management of Environmental Disasters in the Maldives
The aim of this project is to develop a novel scientific platform that will assist in the decision making process for effective management of environmental disasters in the Maldives. The proposed platform will comprise of state of the art software tools that will utilise modern scientific methods and computational tools. The platform will be ultimately made available to the decision makers within the relevant government and private sector authorities in the Maldives. Read more...

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